When you call or email the Stockwell Centre, the administrator will take brief details and arrange for a therapist to contact you to arrange an initial consultation.

Email administrator@stockwellcentre.com
Phone 01206 768211
Appointments available daytime and evenings, Monday to Friday.

The initial consultation provides an opportunity to lay out your main concerns, decide if counselling or psychotherapy is appropriate and agree an initial number of ongoing sessions of an appropriate type of therapy. An appointment will be made with a Stockwell Centre therapist.

Ongoing sessions are fifty minutes long and offer a space in which to explore thoughts and feelings in a secure and confidential setting.

What happens in Therapy?

The counsellor or psychotherapist will be non-judgemental and try to understand you in a way that enables you to reflect on your situation differently. You may be encouraged to talk about your childhood and dreams as well as day-to-day concerns. These may include fears, anger and thoughts about current relationships at home and at work. Being listened to and understood in this setting can enable you to make positive changes in your life.

Our Fees

Fees are negotiated individually with the therapist and currently range between £35 and £60 per session. We may be able to offer an assisted place for those with restricted means.

How Long does it take?

In many cases weekly sessions over a period of six to eight weeks will be appropriate for resolving the difficulties you are having. Some clients/patients feel that there have been long standing feelings of anxiety, depression or anger and longer term therapy for a year or more, once a week or more, will enable clients to address underlying feelings and experiences in an unhurried manner. In this way a person’s natural capacity for self-healing can be given the time it needs. Stockwell Centre members work both short and long term.

Low Fee Counselling

We have a scheme for low cost counselling for those who are unable to afford the full fee. Places are offered in exceptional circumstances only and due to the longer term nature of the work, there is also likely to be a waiting list.

Those with restricted means who are motivated to commit to weekly counselling for up to a year, and can pay a minimum of £10 per session, are assessed for suitability by a full member of the practice before being referred to one of our affiliates for counselling.

The counselling is offered by recently qualified counsellors who wish to gain the additional experience they need for accreditation/registration. The counsellors are affiliated to The Stockwell Centre and are in supervision with one of our senior registered psychotherapists.

If you would like to find out more please contact the administrator, via email administrator@stockwellcentre.com or telephone 01206 768211.

Low Fee Counselling for those living in North East Essex

The Stockwell Centre can apply on your behalf to The Colchester Catalyst Charity for assistance with fees for a limited number of sessions. In an assessment we would discuss your needs, decide how much you can afford to contribute, and make an application to The Colchester Catalyst Charity for counselling. When your funding is confirmed you will be allocated to a therapist to receive eight sessions of counselling.

If you think you might be eligible, please contact our administrator at The Stockwell Centre for more information, via email administrator@stockwellcentre.com or telephone 01206 768211