THE STOCKWELL CENTRE PRIVACY POLICYPsychotherapy and counselling (therapy) is a private and confidential form of help. We hold information about each of our clients and the therapy they receive in confidence. The information (data) we hold includes:

  • Referral forms containing your contact details, date of birth, GP, reasons for wanting therapy and a closure statement
  • Index cards storing your name and date of birth
  • The therapist’s notes on your work together

This is in order to carry out our work and to ensure best practice for therapy. This information will be held securely throughout your therapy, the contact details separately from the notes, and for a maximum of six years after the end of your therapy to comply with the statute of limitations for legal action. At the end of this time it will all be securely destroyed.

There are circumstances under which we will share your information; however, we will always endeavour to discuss thiswith you first, and to obtain your consent where possible. The circumstances are:

  • Where we believe there is immediate risk of harm to you or others
  • Under a court order
  • A legal requirement, e.g. terrorism or drug money laundering
  • Where we have agreed with you that your GP, psychiatrist or other professional should be informed

Additionally, under the professional code of ethics and practice for psychotherapists and counsellors all therapists will undergo supervision of their work. The supervisor may be external to the Stockwell Centre and may take their own notes. This work is always anonymised e.g. using only initials. We also all have a Professional Executor who has access to our data only in case of emergency.

For clients applying for Colchester Catalyst funding, we have to supply them details of your income, employment status, and an assessment of why you want counselling. This information is given with a Stockwell Centre identification number and without your name or address.


(GDPR)On rare occasions you may need to obtain any information we hold about you. You have a right under GDPR to make a subject access request. We will provide this information free of charge, within one month. In order to do this you can discuss it with your therapist in the first instance, or the Administrator, or the Data lead, by email or letter to or The Stockwell Centre 44 East Stockwell Street, Colchester CO1 1SR who will send you a form to fill in. You will have to provide evidence of your identity and proof of your address.

You have the right to request appropriate corrections or erasure of any information you believe to be incorrect. If there is disagreement with your therapist or the Stockwell Centre on this a note will be put in your file to describe your request, and the reasons for denying it.You can request that we limit or cease processing information where applicable, and your contract will be amended.

Where applicable, you have the rightto compensation for substantial damage or distress caused by data processing.

The Data Lead is the current Chair of the Stockwell Centre. The Stockwell Centre is registered with the ICO.

Revised 18.05.18