Attachment Theory and the Aims of Psychotherapy

Presented by Linda Cundy

Attachment Theory is now recognised as a meaningful and coherent model grounded in decades of rigorous research, but how can it help us in clinical practice? If the overall goal of psychotherapy is to help our clients achieve “earned security,” what does that look like? And how do psychotherapists go about it?

Drawing on classical and contemporary attachment and object relations theories, areas of focus will be proposed to guide the therapeutic process. The differing needs of clients with preoccupied or dismissing patterns of attachment, and those who are ‘unresolved in respect of trauma’ will be identified and explored.

This talk will be of use to practitioners who have a limited familiarity with attachment theory as well as those with a deeper knowledge. There will be opportunities for participants to reflect on their clinical work and to apply the concepts presented to their own practice. 

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Linda Cundy is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist, author and trainer. Her published writings include articles for various professional journals and three books that she curated and edited: Love in the Age of the Internet: Attachment in the Digital Era (2015), Anxiously Attached: Understanding and Working with Preoccupied Attachment (2017), and Attachment and the Defence Against Intimacy: Understanding and Working with Avoidant Attachment, Self-Hatred, and Shame (2018).

CPD Certificate of Attendance available on request